Well-Being Days

Eating the right foods is just one half of the ‘being healthy’ picture, the other half is all about fitness, stress management and relaxation. Getting these three factors in balance helps improve sleep, lift your mood, boost energy, aid weight management, improve hormone balance and help you achieve a natural healthy glow. 

Fitness Wellbeing Day

It's easy to lose track of your fitness and stamina so getting exercise back on your priority list is a step in the right direction for your energy, mood, body confidence and metabolism. Susie hosts several Fitness Well-Being Days across the year collaborating with local personal trainers including Katie Weir from Lewes Fit and Liz Toomer and Katie Cripps from Alfresco Fitness PT. The day includes nutrition talks on thermogenic (fat burning foods), open nutrition Q&A, circuits classes and metabolic effect sessions focussing on cardio and resistance work. You'll also experience a thermogenic breakfast smoothie and healthy buffet lunch made from superfood ingredients that boost metabolism and support thyroid function. There's also a Well-being Shop selling nutrition supplements, superfood packs, aromatherapy bath salts and lifestyle products, You also receive a goody bag and handout with nutrition tips and healthy recipes.

2018 Fitness Well-Being Day Schedule 

TBC September with Liz and Katie from Alfresco Fitness, Venue: Great Walstead.

Yoga Wellbeing Day

An overwhelming work schedule, juggling kids activities and keeping on top of social commitments can leave many of us feeling uptight and stressed. Susie hosts several Yoga Well-Being Days across the year collaborating with quality local yoga teachers including Emily Scott Yoga and Katie Mulcarestrachen. The day is packed with nutrition talks, healthy food (breakfast, lunch, snacks), yoga classes, open nutrition Q&A sessions and meditation, leaving you feeling balanced and relaxed. Each day has a specific health theme which the classes, nutrition talks and menu's are all built around so you can go home inspired to make relevant changes. You'll also receive a goody bag with a handout containing nutrition tips, lifestyle suggestions and healthy recipes plus there is a Well-being Shop selling nutrition supplements, superfood packs, aromatherapy bath salts and lifestyle products.

2018 Yoga Well-Being Day Schedule

12th May with Emily Scott Yoga venue Bolney

30th June with Katie Mulcarestrachen venue Great Walstead

Retreat-Style Food

Both our Well-Being Days provide you with the opportunity to experience a whole day of healthy eating with a nutritionally-balanced health topic related menu including breakfast, superfood smoothies, buffet lunch and healthy snacks with recipes created by Susie Debice, prepared from fresh natural ingredients and cooked by Lynn Sinden.