Nutrition Talks and Food Workshops

Smooth Peri-Menopause Nutrition Talk and Food Workshop

Thursday 14th June, 10.30 - 12.30pm, Newick, East Sussex - £80








Sign yourself up for a Smooth Peri-Menopause! An essential day for any 40+ woman curious about this inevitable hormonal transition, ready to discover how nutrition can help alleviate common symptoms and help you sail through this phase of womanhood with ease and grace! You may have already started to notice subtle changes in your mood, energy, body temperature and ability to cope emotionally. Your periods may have become heavier, irregular or just different to how they've been for the last few years or even decades. What used to feel familiar now feels unpredictable, unusual and unchartered - leaving you unsure about how to navigate your journey through this hormonal transition. The day is hosted by nutritionist Susie Debice who has over 20 years' experience working as a practitioner, teacher and health writer and includes...


Nutrition Talk + Healthy Lunch + Food Workshop + Handout Pack + Goody Bag


Nutrition Talk 

During the morning talk Susie explains how and why your hormones change as you travel through your 40's and 50's, linking common symptoms to the different phases and stages of the peri-menopause. You'll discover plenty of nutrition and lifestyle tips and Susie reviews helpful eating styles, specific foods,  superfoods foods, nutritional supplements and herbal remedies for different symptoms and scenarios. There's also an open discussion about the risks associated with HRT and the benefits of (prescription-only) bio-identical hormones which offer a safe and natural alternative to HRT. As it's a small group (only 10 tickets) this allows opportunities for you to ask your own questions and highlight your own concerns.

Light Lunch

The day includes a 2-course deliciously healthy lunch made from foods, ingredients and superfoods that are known to help with hormone balance. After lunch there is a chance to browse the Well-Being Shop and purchase any supplements, superfood packs and well-being products.

Food Workshop

After lunch you'll pop an apron on and work in pairs to rustle up a selection of healthy dishes - snacks, smoothies, salad dressings, breakfasts and salads using different kitchen gadgets and familiarising yourself with new hormone balancing ingredients. A detailed recipe pack is provided in your handout and Susie is on-hand to give you tips and guide you through this fun food workshop. 


You'll get to go home with a Handout Pack containing a summary of nutrition tips from the morning, recipes from lunch and all the recipes from the afternoon workshop plus there will be samples of all the food that everyone has made so you can return home with a hormonal balancing feast!